The power of partnership -- Where 1 + 1 = 3

Karyl and Jennifer have been serving Peninsula home buyers and sellers since 1989.  Shortly after meeting one another at a training program at Fox & Carskadon, they formed a partnership that has endured and flourished for the past 32 years.  They bring their clients the hands-on involvement and personal availability of two full-time agents with deep knowledge of the Peninsula market and an unswerving commitment to their clients' needs.  They have represented clients in the purchase and sale of a wide range of properties, including single family homes, condos and townhomes, and multi-unit buildings.  They are also expert in handling probate and trust sales.

At the time they joined forces, Karyl and Jennifer had no idea of how lucky they were.  Over the years, they discovered how perfectly complementary their skills are.  Karyl's strengths lie in the area of marketing, negotiation, contracts, and preparing homes for sale.  Jennifer is a master of the inventory and seems to know everything that is on the market, even before it appears on the MLS.  She is also gifted at conducting open houses and ensuring that all of the required paperwork is in place to comply with the law.

Karyl and Jennifer thrive on working in partnership, and together they make a powerful team.  By the time escrow closes, their clients invariably comment on the fact that the Home Team partnership has been a huge benefit to them.  It goes to show that sometimes 1 + 1 can equal 3!

"Coldwell Banker is fortunate to have such a dedicated pair as Karyl Eldridge and Jennifer Cheung.  From the start, it was obvious that they put considerable time and effort into researching various issues related to our home sale  They were very knowledgeable about property values and market trends.  Karyl was adept in the anticipating of potential problems, and her excellent advice helped me to make some difficult decisions.  She strongly held our position when the negotiations became difficult.  Jennifer's paperwork was flawless ... I believe the two-person team approach is an excellent idea.  I would recommend Karyl and Jennifer to anyone I know."  -- William Schwarz, Engineer (Retired)

Strengths of the team

The practice of real estate involves a wide array of skills.  Below are some of the areas in which Karyl and Jennifer have impressive strength. These strengths, combined with their love of the job, are keys to the considerable success they have achieved over the years and why they are able to deliver "Results that MOVE you!"

  • Detailed preparation of homes to enhance visual appeal and ensure buyer interest in the home
  • Comprehensive and high-impact marketing campaigns
  • Skillful negotiating to maximize every advantage for their clients in both price and terms
  • Superior understanding of legal issues resulting in clearly written contracts and effective compliance with real estate disclosure laws
  • A strong track record of winning in a competitive multiple offer situation
  • Strong command of mid-Peninsula markets extending from Daly City to Redwood City